Radio Caroline

  • Offshore Radio Caroline South
    Offshore Radio Caroline South

Offshore Pirate Radio Caroline was probably the most famous and most listened to of all the offshore pirate radio stations in the 1960s. The station was founded in 1964 by Ronan O'Rahilly to give popular music to the masses, something that the BBC failed to do then. Radio Caroline began broadcasting it's test transmission using a 10Kw transmitter on the evening of Good Friday 27th March 1964 regular programs were started the following day - the ship the MV Caroline a former Danish Ferry (The Fredrica) was anchored three miles outside British territorial waters off the coast of Felixstowe, Suffolk, England and transmitted on 197.3 metres medium wave - announced as 'Radio Caroline on 199 your all day music station'. Around the same time another Offshore Pirate Radio Station started broadcasting off the coast of Harwich in Essex - namely Radio Atlanta - in July of 1964 both stations merged to form Radio Caroline South and Radio Caroline North

These original Radio Caroline recordings were made via reel to reel tape mostly in the sixties and have been enhanced / converted to MP3 or AUDIO format as technology has allowed - MP3 format plays on most modern CD players, Ipods, computers and most DVD players - Please check that you are able to play MP3 CDs before purchasing. Items shown as AUDIO CDs will play on ALL CD players in ALL world regions.

Offshore Pirate Radio Summer 67