Pirate Radio Stations Compilation (Boats) - 60s Offshore Pirate Radio MP3 CD Vol.2

Radio London|Swinging Radio England|Radio Atlantis|Radio Scotland|Radio 227

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A compilation of five pirate radio stations that broadcast from boats moored off the east coast of Britain from 1964 to 1973.

Programs on the Pirate Radio boats vol.2 compilation disc:

Radio London - Galaxy - 1966 Tony Blackburn 1 hour
Radio Scotland - Comet - 1967 Bob Spencer 1 hour
Swinging Radio England - Olga Patricia - 1966 Johnnie Walker 1 hour
Radio Atlantis - Mi Amigo - 1973 Peter van Dam 1 hour
Radio 227- Laissez Faire -1967 Lodewijk de Hengst 1 hour


The Pirate Radio Station Compiation vol.2 CD runs for approx. 5 hours

These original broadcasts from Pirate Radio Stations were recorded via reel to reel tape in the sixties and have been enhanced / converted to MP3 format as technology has allowed - MP3 format plays on most modern CD players, Ipods, computers and most DVD players - Please check that you are able to play MP3 CDs before purchasing.

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